Don't haul freight you won't get paid for!

Freight broker reviews, by truckers, for truckers. Helping you avoid hauling freight for brokers that don't apreciate your work.

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Here's what you get when you use Scam Freight Chrome Extension

Trucker reviews

Trusted reviews left by fellow hard working truckers and carriers.


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Click install, add the extension to your browser and start looking up and leaving reviews of brokers.

How we got here

Scam Freight is for carriers made by a carrier

Our awesome features
We Listen

When we asked carriers, what really hurts the bottom line? Often times they said a freight broker that doesn't pay! Well that is what we are trying to fix. A centralized dataset where truckers can share who to haul for and who to avoid.

Our awesome features
We were a carrier too

Before we started Scam Freight we were an interstate motor carrier with 17 over the road. trucks. This service hits close to home as we've personally hauled loads that did not pay.